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In this essay I will be writing about the cultural awareness of North Korea. I will define the meaning of culture. Explain the characteristics that define a culture. I’ll describe the common culture characteristic of North Korea. I’ll be also writing about North Koreas physical geography and its military conflict history, weather analysis, civil consideration, the people of North Korea. The importance and roles that culture has played throughout history has evolved since the beginning of time and has changed over the centuries, greatly influencing nations, specifically North Korea. North Korean society is regarded as mysterious, simply due to their cultural and idealistic values differing significantly from other countries. By exploring their cultural aspects, we can pinpoint the reasoning and thought processes behind their actions. Culture is influenced by factors such as weather, viable agriculture, terrain, history and societal interpretations caused by past conflicts. Culture is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “The ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society” (Oxford Dictionaries). As these variables change, customs and ideas are directly affected. As a particularly idealistic culture, North Korea, is known to favor an enclosed environment, sealing itself from the rest of the world and establishing its mysterious nature. The country is widely known for their political dealings and highly regulates and filters the information that they release to the rest of the world. A recent spike of released information leads us to perceive an aggressive nature. However, by exploring the surveyed environment geographically, politically and religiously, we hope to better understand the cul... ... middle of paper ... ...ced the North Korean culture of today. Although North Korea has been able to maintain a certain degree of self-sufficiency without much help from the outside world, these factors greatly impact the country’s ideas, beliefs and traditions; therefore impacting the country’s culture as a whole. Their agricultural system is successful enough to provide food, however, it reduces the amount of space that North Koreans are able to inhabit. Forcing North Koreans to adapt their beliefs on marriage and family, as their housing options decline. Past military conflicts have also shaped today’s culture, playing an important role in how today’s military is run and the allies of North Korea. These specific factors play a very important role with one another in guiding the direction of the country’s culture and will continue to influence it as long as these forces are present.

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