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Anthropology: the study of human races, origins, societies, and cultures. Focusing on cultural anthropology has proven to be full of new experiences and new ways of thinking. Through this class topics such as kinship, gender, marriage and cultures have been introduced and discussed. Learning about different societies has allowed me to shed a little ethnocentrism of my own, or at least recognize when I am being ethnocentric. The main subject talked about throughout the quarter was the relationship between America and India. Economically, politically, and in some aspects socially, the two cultures have proved to be, to my surprise, more similar than expected. One of the most resourceful learning tools was being able to Skype with a student from…show more content…
But on the contrary, American rituals such as cutting the cake, declaring vows, and exchanging rings all hold the same principals as the rituals stated above. When the bride and groom are tied together by their garments, they are symbolizing the eternal bond and commitment to each other in marriage. This correlates to cutting of the cake where the groom puts his hand over the brides and slices their wedding cake to represent their commitment to support and provide for each other in the bond of marriage. Additionally, when comparing the two weddings different traditions are used when pertaining to promises and pledges made between the bride and groom. In western marriages the couple simply share with each other their vows out loud at the wedding ceremony. However, in the Hindu wedding each of the seven steps the bride and groom take together each represent marital vows. The first represents respect and honor, the second promises to share in each other’s joy and sorrows. Each step is a vow all the way to the seventh step vowing an eternal bond of friendship and love without saying a single word. Another example would be the use of the mangalsutra, otherwise known as the thread of good will, in correspondence to weddings rings. Each of piece of jewelry is a symbol of marriage for each culture. When the groom adorns the bride with the mangalsutra or when the couple exchanges weddings rings, the ceremonial act of marriage is

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