Examples Of Cross-Cricular Pedagogy And Content And Language Integrated Learning

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3. Cross-curricular pedagogy and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Cross-curricular programme and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) are meanings that usually go hand by hand in the innovative schools. Even if it is considered innovative, cross-curricular pedagogy was first practiced by Plato by combining diverse intelligences (music and movement, drama and literature, philosophy and politics…) and then developed by twentieth-experts such as Montessori. It consists of connecting skills, disciplines and curriculum in order to prepare pupils for real-life problems (context and culture). Gardner was one of the supporters of this idea of making connections between subjects and transferable learning. Students learn and…show more content…
This method uses content or knowledge about science, arts, etc. as a vehicle for developing communicative skills in their second language. This pedagogical method includes the development of social, cultural, academic, cognitive and linguistic skills, among others. Which means, a foreign language and, for example a historical fact are simultaneously taught. This approach needs a high degree of cooperation among teachers and assistants. Every CLIL lesson is formed by some activities that fulfill these four components: content, communication, cognition and culture. As it is previously mentioned, the main purpose of this paper concerns with the lastest component. Likewise CLIL, the process of learning a foreign language might be more effective provided that cultural understandings are set in context. Some remarkable features of this method are scaffolding, active learning, authenticity, multiple focus approach, safe and enriching learning environment, and cooperation. Those which are more noticeable in this paper are authenticity (where students’ lives and links with other speakers/learners are relevant), active learning (students are in charge of setting content, language and learning skills by peer cooperative work) and scaffolding (teachers take into consideration students’ basic knowledge and then, they support them with new

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