Examples Of Covert Racism Essay

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The United States of America is a multicultural nation and we are still struggling with racism in America. Many people believe that racism may be an issue of the past and not relevant to our society. But with racism there are two major types and it’s either covert or overt. Covert racism is the most likely form of racism, which is defined as hidden racism as opposed to overt, which is out in the open racism. The United States of America is a nation full of immigrants; however, the country faces just as many racial issues as in the Civil Rights era. Can covert and overt racism actually play a role in mental health? This debate has spiked up in recent years as America goes through different phases of racism and the looming topics of racism possibly or never-ending in the United States. Blogging changes attitudes about racism because people are blogging about their personal…show more content…
The reason for this is because covert racist pretends to be the friend of another person, but is secretly working to suppress them. Covert racism is the most widely used form of racism in today’s America because it is more accepted. One of the many reason people believe that racism is not part of today’s society, is because it’s not as open as it was in the 1960’s. People of color who are Black, Latino, Asian or any other race is subject to the same prejudice beliefs as during the civil rights era. In the article, “Professor discusses covert racism”, Bonilla-Silva states that whites believe they are not racist and often use the election of President Barack Obama to support claims that America has moved beyond racial tensions. This type of comment is a prime example of how covert racism because one believes that by voting in an African-American president that they can’t be racist. Many African-Americans also believe that racism is part of the past, but Bonilla-Silva states that whites need to end the “New racism”, which is now
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