Examples Of Corruption And Destruction Of Food

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Corruption and Destruction of Our Food If people really knew what they were putting in their bodies when they ate, they probably would not want to eat it anymore. People don’t even know where their food is coming from, let alone know that their foods have been genetically modified. There are huge issues regarding the consumer’s health when eating these foods. For example, the animals wellbeing is not considered, and the environment is at risk. The United States food industry has become corrupt in so many ways; therefore, the consumer should buy from local farms to improve their health and ease their conscience. Instead of buying your food from supermarkets and not knowing if you’re getting the meat from sick chickens or a thousand cows in…show more content…
directed by Robert Kenner does a great job portraying all of the issues with the American food industry. He talks about one of the major issues regarding our health and the meat industry when he mentions the health risks associated with meat consumption. Cattle are now being fed corn which results in a mutation of a strain of E. Coli called E. Coli 0157h7. This is a product of the diet we’re feeding the cows on feedlots. Even if these animals are infectious, they still slaughter and sell them which results in the consumer’s health possibly being effected. Another way our meat gets infected is when the animals stand in their manure all day long so if one has it, they all will get it. Also, since they stand in their manure, all of the hides are covered in it which gets in the meat because they slaughter about 400 cattle an hour so they cannot keep the manure from getting on the carcasses. One person in specific that was effected by E. Coli 0157h7 is Kevin Kowalcyk. He was just two and a half years old when he passed away, due to eating a hamburger that was infected. It is unbelievable to think that this little boy could go from being healthy to dead in just 12 days and we consumers are putting our faith in the food industry to protect us from these viruses. Since his passing, Kevin’s Law was implemented which gave back to the USDA the power to shut down any plants that repeatedly produce contaminated meat (Food Inc.). Although, E. Coli isn’t the only…show more content…
Vern Grubinger, a vegetable and berry specialist from the University of Vermont states in her newsletter article, “Ten Reasons to Buy Local Food” that, “Local food supports local families.” Local farmers cut out the middleman by selling straight to the consumer and get full retail prices for their food. This helps the farmer’s families stay on their land. She also mentions that, “Local food builds community.” When you buy your food directly from the farmer, you are engaging in a connection between yourself and them. When you know the farmer, you get insight on the seasons that the food grows in, the land in which it grows on, and the food that you eat. Another way it helps your community is that it keeps taxes down. Grubinger states that, “According to several studies by the American Farmland Trust, farms contribute more in taxes than they require in services, whereas most development contributes less in taxes than the cost of required service” (Grubinger). In addition to Grubinger’s thoughts, Rosalind Gray Davis mentions that when buying from local farms, you are supporting farmers that believe in the extra care to produce safe and organic foods (Davis). Without these farmers, we would be stuck buying from these giant industries and enabling their horrible business. Buying locally also gives you a clear conscience because you do not have to deal with the thought that you bought from
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