Examples Of Communication In The Hospitality Industry

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Applied Business Communication –BBHM109
Assessment 1: Successful Communication in modern hospitality industry


Kelly: Everyday we communicate with one another even without having to speak a word; it is a necessity within living. There are two forms of communication Verbal and Non-verbal. How we communicate is 93% Non-verbal which is made up from 38% tone of voice, and 55% body language. In this presentation we will be focusing on non- verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is categorized into 7 different areas, which are body movement, physical characteristics, touching behavior, vocal qualities, personal space, artefacts and environment.
• Body movement can include body posture and facial expressions
• Physical characteristics can include general attractiveness and body shape
• Touching behavior can include holding and hitting,
• Vocal qualities can include
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If you are not looking them in the eye while they are speaking to you the listener will receive the message that you are not giving them the full attention and that you they are not worth your time. By making sure when a guest is speaking to you, you are looking them in the eye it is acknowledging them and what they are saying which is a form of respect and is important in everyday life while working in the hospitality industry.

Non-verbal communication is relevant to the hospitality industry because having the ability to read the guests by their facial expression and body language will help you understand the guests a lot more. Therefore you may be able to give a better service.

Jasmine: Interpreting your guests non-verbal signals and behaviors allows you to read their attitude and better understand their needs. Performing the right non-verbal signals help your guest feel at ease and make yourself more reliable. Therefore, here are some positive and negative examples of non-verbal communication we want to talk

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