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Hutchens/SGA Centennial Leaders Scholarship The best leadership accomplishment that demonstrates my potential to make significant contributions to the campus community and broader society is cheerleading. Cheerleading has made a huge impact on my life and has created many opportunities for me. It has paved the way for my high school career. Cheerleading provided me with opportunities to lead, volunteer, perform and show the athletic ability of our squad. The start of seventh grade, I was far from the image of the typical cheerleader. I was clumsy, would spill anything and often tripped over my own feet. I also had a speech impediment, so people could not usually understand me. The thought of me being a cheerleader was laughable. However, my best friend convinced me to just try it, and after all, it was not something I had to do forever. After the very first practice, I was hooked. I was not very good; I would forget the cheers and forgot to smile. Nonetheless, I stuck with it. The thought of standing in front of crowds and doing …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the hutchens/sga centennial leaders scholarship as the best leadership accomplishment that demonstrates their potential to make significant contributions to the campus community and broader society.
  • Describes how they were clumsy, tripped over their own feet, and had a speech impediment, but their best friend convinced them to try it.
  • Describes how their cheer squad decided to do competitions, which was a stressful process. they practiced in the morning for an hour and then two hours after school, and got first at the state fair spirit classic.
  • Opines that being a cheerleader also provides many leadership opportunities in our school.
  • Explains that as a cheerleader, they have the duty to encourage their school. volunteering their time to help the middle school squad learn the cheers made them more confident.
  • Opines that cheerleading has helped them grow from an awkward seventh grader to a well-rounded adult.

I have been a part of multiple pep rallies and being a role model to younger students. One moment, in particular, stands out to me on how much difference I can make in younger children. My new cheer coach had asked if anyone would be interested in volunteering their time to help the middle school squad learning the cheers. Being Varsity Cheer Co-Captain, I was more than happy to oblige. It was a no-brainer to help out because cheer is one of my favorite things. As I laced up my cheer shoes, I glanced up and I noticed the fresh-faced cheerleaders who timidly walked into the gym. They reminded me of me at that age, afraid that they didn't have what it took to be a cheerleader. However, as practices went on, they became more confident in their abilities. Volunteering my time was well worth it, I got to see the cheerleaders grow into more confident cheerleaders and

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