Examples Of Chase The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Pursuit of the Illusionary Dream Individuals often tend to forget what reality truly is and chase a dream which is not real. In the process, they forget the difference between right and wrong and engage in immoral actions in order to acquire their goal. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, individuals have the desire to chase the American Dream. A dream which revolves around discovery, individualism, and happiness; that a person from any social class can potentially become a wealthy individual. However, the American Dream is not factual and causes individuals to become someone who they are not and it leads to corruption and decay. This is shown when Gatsby lies to others about how he made his fortune, Daisy marries for wealth and…show more content…
She wants someone who has a lot of wealth in order for her to live a luxiours life. She begins to have an affair with Tom and it causes harm to her marriage which she has with George. She says to herself when meeting Tom the first time, "You can 't live forever; you can 't live forever" (38). Myrtle realizes Tom is a wealthy individual and having an affair with him will help her climb out of the social class in which she is trapped in. She sees him as the perfect man representing the American Dream. She lives in the Valley of the Ashes with her husband, George, who is the owner of a garage. She married him because she thought he was a gentlemen and he knew something about breeding. But it turned out he was not financially stable and it causes Myrtle not to love him. This shows how Myrtle is acquisitive and she does not appreciate George for who he is. She realizes life is fading away from her along with her youth and in order to live the life she always desires, she must become Tom’s mistress. She wants to live the rich and famous life style which George could not provide. This shows how Myrtle is morally corrupt because she does not see the harm in having an extramarital affair and just looks to pursue wealth. This eventually leads to her own death. The chase for the American Dream causes corruption and destruction within
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