Examples Of Being Honest With Yourself Essay

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How To Get Honest With Yourself: 5 Daily Practices

If you don 't want to waste any more time, then it 's time to discover who you are and what your life purpose is really about. Take some time out of each day to practice the following 5 things. If you do, you will find yourself becoming more and more honest with yourself.

1. Listen To Your Inner Self

You may be a very skilled liar. You may have been lying to yourself for so long that you can barely even recognize the truth when it slaps you in the face. But, you still know the truth inside of you.

Your inner self is acutely aware of when you are lying to yourself and when you are not. But, you need to consciously become aware that you are lying to yourself. Just like you do when you
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When you are lied to by a friend, for instance, you can easily end the relationship and find someone more trustworthy. You want people who are on your side in life and willing to love you enough to be honest with you so that you can make good decisions and know the truth about them and your relationship.

If you love yourself, you will start being honest with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is going to be the strongest relationship you will ever have. It doesn 't matter where you go, you will still be there. So practice some self-love and catch yourself in your lies.

4. Ask Yourself This Question

Are you copying other people 's lives or are you living your own?

To answer that, decide if you are really showing people who you truly are, what you truly love, and what your passion is, or if you are trying to fit in, win some sort of popularity contest, and please other people.

If you decide you are not being your authentic self, ask why. Are you scared of people judging you? Are you scared of failing? Are you scared that you are not good enough? All of your answers will allow you a little more insight into yourself, which will help you be more honest with

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