Examples Of Being A Teenager

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Perception vs actuality is a great way to describe what it is like to grow up and becoming a teenager. When I was younger, I thought that high school and being a teenager were going to be the best times of my life. While there are many great opportunities and perks, there are also many tough times. To be blunt, there are many ups and downs in the life of a teenager. I still vividly remember the late nights of my sophomore and junior years. A typical day would start with going through all my classes at school, followed by either football practice or lifting weights. Then finally getting home at around six to seven and starting a long night of homework. The days were long and stressful during this time. It was definitely a challenging part of my life having to balance all of my obligations during the school year. Another part of being a teenager that can be difficult is change. There are many childhood friends that I still have a great relationship with, but there are also some who I have not talked to in years. Not only did my relationships with others change, but my outlook on the world and society changed as well. I began to start to see the problems that we have as a human race. It was a hard pill to swallow realizing that the world is not how I…show more content…
A great group of friends has made my experience as a teenager truly memorable. Relationships that I have built as a teenager not only have had a significant impact on who I am as a person, but also have the potential to last a lifetime. I have made countless memories with my friends that I am going to remember forever. Creating relationships is not the only valuable part of being a teenager. When I became a teenager, there was an increased amount of freedom that was given to me by my parents. Earning my parents trust and being able to use this newfound freedom as I like is one of the better parts of being a
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