Examples Of Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

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From five years old up I knew I wanted to be a nurse practitioner. When I was around 13 years old my mom got very sick which had her in and out of the hospital, this only pushed me further in the direction of becoming a nurse practitioner. I would always see nurses in and out of my mom’s room when she was in the hospital, some were nice others were not. I always tell myself, “You’re going to be one of the nice ones, the one that makes the whole ordeal just a little bit better.” However, to become a nurse practitioner, it takes more than fascination and curiosity; hard work and effort must be put in if there is any hope of succeeding in this field. First I need to become an “RN” or registered nurse before pursuing a career as an “APRN” or advanced practice registered …show more content…

I must be caring and compassionate because I’ll be dealing with patients all throughout the day whom are dealing with various ailments and sicknesses; some may be very sick or dying. It is important to take that into consideration when dealing with patients. Critical thinking skills and speaking skills are also very important because it’s crucial that I am able to see changes in a patient and correctly articulate what I am doing to the patient throughout the time the patient is in my care. I must be detail oriented and have organizational skills because it’s imperative that I keep files on patients correct and up to date; it would be terrible if files on patients got mixed up or a patient was given the wrong medication because of incompetency. Emotional stability is important because if I’m depressed or emotionally unstable, I might not pay as much attention and miss important details; the patient will suffer the consequences if I mess up. As a nurse ill always be on my feet, walking around all day so it is incredibly important to have physical

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