Examples Of Anxieties About Attending College

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As A High School Do You Have Any Anxieties About Attending College? As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world.” An education is very important in our society today; it is taken for granted by many young individuals. Most teens believe they have to stop at their High School Diploma because they are facing many anxieties. Some teens feel like they aren’t capable of doing the work, others may not have parents or someone in their life to push them hat extra mile to receive a college degree, and nevertheless they may have the impression that they’re not social enough to communicate with their peers. Numerous people are facing these anxieties in our world today. As our generation is changing…show more content…
You will meet amazing professor who are able to help you and get a clear understanding of things if you speak up. By making that extra effort you will see a difference. That could be a huge anxiety to many individuals because all they are hearing is rumors about college and are afraid they wont succeed. However, if you are working hard and putting in the effort you will have no troubles. You ever heard of the saying it’s about what you know? Well that’s how college kind of works! In addition to not being capable of doing the assignments, you have those students who don’t have parents who attended college. So countless students don’t have that extra push to learn about college and it discourages them. That is when you see anxiety develop the most. It’s very necessary to have someone in your corner to help you with college applications, especially with the essay part. Also someone to make sure that you are on top of your SAT and ACT testing scores which is important. If you are student and don’t have that person who is willing to help you may tend to get slightly frustrated. That’s why it’s good for people in this society to continue their education after High School. Our parents were the future and now we are the future. Many teens in this generation is very skeptical about attending college because their parents didn’t attend. We tend to like following in their footsteps. If we want our kids to be successful we have to start building that foundation for ourselves.…show more content…
Meeting new people and learning how to be on your own for the first time in life can be really difficult to various teens who are starting fresh out of High School. Peer pressure starts to kick in and life changes begin to happen. Being away from your parents can be hard and having no one to tell you right from wrong can be challenging also. You as a person would have to overcome those jitters because you have to have self control and remain focus. The feeling of freedom could be a good and bad thing to college students. Knowing how to handle those issues is where you get a head start to a lot of things. Getting a mentor could be a plus because you have someone helping you figure out the ins and outs of college. You start figuring out you weakness by their help
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