Examples Of Alternative Treatment Method For Drug Offenders

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Alternative Treatment Method for Drug Offenders
A major issue in the United States’ criminal justice system today, is an over representation of inmates that are serving time for drug related offenses. In the United States we have a larger number of citizens, as well as a higher percentage of citizens incarcerated than almost any other country in the world. Roughly one fourth of the prisoners in the United States are convicted of drug offenses. This is in large part due to our no tolerance war on drugs and harsh drug policies. Several countries around the world have begun to decriminalize drug use, and in turn have started to see positive results. Why then, do we continue to implement harsh, ineffective punishments on those that are struggling with addiction?
According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy (2010), there are roughly 292,000 inmates being held for drug related convictions in the United States. In federal prisons roughly forty five percent of the population is made up of individuals that were convicted of drug related offenses, and at the state level, twenty one...
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