Example of a Short Story Outline by Chapter

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Page 1 Welcome to Paradise Sector 9. This anthill is part of the paradise sector because there is a great river that flows once a day causing the land to be fertile and the surrounding landscape to stay green and fruitful. This middle-aged ant is named Charles. Page 2 Charles serves as a worker ant for his colony. Page 3 His job is to remove rubbish from the colony and bring it to the dump. He has served in this capacity longer than most of his fellow worker. He is a strong 45 days old. The elders of the group may have lived up to twice his life as an average worker ant lives around 90 days. Page 4 Charles has kept quiet and has done what he has been told for his whole career. But he is going through a midlife crisis and beginning to question a few things. Page 5 He remembers when he was just a young bug and how Father Bruce (a wise elder) brought him to a pile of trash and told him that the king of the anthill needed him to move this trash to the dump. Being ambitious and zealous for serving the king Charles worked diligently and moved trash every day, all day long. Charles was happy to serve; after all it was for the king. Page 6 Charles also remembers Betsy, the know it all. She would go on and on about all of the different jobs that it took to run Paradise Sector 9, their ant colony. Betsy spoke of how the king was the one who kept everyone on task. She also told him about the queen and how beautiful she was. It was the king and the queen that kept the survival of the colony in tact. Page 7 Then there was Snap, one of Charles’ best friends. During work hours he was known as Kernel Snap. He was three times the size of Charles and was not an ant to cross paths with. His job was to protect the colony,... ... middle of paper ... ...e and is a part of everything we do. Go search through the kingdom and you will find him. He has watched you as you have grown and helped you make decisions over these long 45 days of your life.” Page 14 Finally, Charles felt like he had an answer. He thanked the queen and was off to find the final player in this game, the king. He was a bit confused on how he missed him, he thought for sure that he would had noticed if the king was at the dump with him. But the queen was so sure that the king had the answers and so he would go and find him. It seemed that everyone else had met the king and knew why they existed and worked. Page 15 So the search began… He looked for the king Page 16 And looked Page 17 And looked Page 18 and called out to him Page 19 And looked Page 20 “WHERE IS THE KING?” “WHO IS THE KING?” “IS THERE REALLY A KING?”
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