Example Of Negative Communication In The Promotion Of Positive Communication

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During this interdisciplinary meeting, examples of positive communication techniques are evident, which include focusing, client advocacy, collaboration, and summarization. For instance, when the doctor specifies, “Willis will need 24 hour nursing support over the next few weeks to ensure his safety as he is unsteady with his transfers from his wheelchair and requires medication and wound care” the therapeutic technique of focusing is used. The doctor concentrated on a particular issue, which was Willis requiring nursing support. Focusing is advantageous as it provides the speaker with the ability to guide the dialogue in a specific direction (Kerr et al., 2014). Additionally, by the liaison setting forward her belief that “we should plan…show more content…
When the liaison states, “we can assist Willis’s family to understand the safety concerns and set up a support system” the need of working cohesively with other members of the interdisciplinary team is reflected in the promotion of collaborative communication. Harrington & Terry recognize collaboration as being, “strongly advantageous as it builds teamwork and harmony” (2013). In promoting a collaborative practice, the liaison is certainly respecting the different expertise of others (Harrington & Terry, 2013). Also, when the nurse states, “I hear concern for Willis’s safety and the needs to the family being expressed” she summarized the ideas that were presented in the dialogue. When the nurse stated, “perhaps I should have a conversation with Willis to assess his needs and his understanding of the care he requires” the actions being taken in the future are listed. These comments resulted in the nurse successfully utilizing summarization as a means of concluding this interaction (Harrington & Terry, 2013). This active listening skill reiterates the focus of the conversation by combining several ideas and feelings (Arnold & Boggs,

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