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Leadership Self-Portrait Leadership is a position given by the people who want to follow. In other words, it is a privilege not a right. The purpose of this paper is to explain who I am as a leader, and in return allow room for improvement to strengthen my weaknesses. This paper will show a variety of self-assessments, all looking at my leadership style from different angles. This angle ranges from my cultural beliefs, to how I determine what has more value or not, to evaluating my understanding of sources of power and influences, even to evaluating my creativity as a leader.

Section A:
“Remember the differences between a boss and a leader; a boss says “GO!”, and a leader says “Let’s GO!” – George Edward Maurice Kelly.
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I adored this scripture so much that I opted to permanently ink it on my body in a very unique way. I truly feel that these words of God guide me to be the person I see my as, a person who tries to live right and do right by others. The verse states “and to the one who does not work, but believes in Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness”. In other words, even the sinners of the world, who believe in God can work and get themselves into Heaven. For me, a God fearing man, this scripture lets me know that even though I may sin, God still sees me trying and rewards me for it; this then transfers over into my leadership style because I then hold my subordinates to the same account. Back in High School, I was a wrestling team captain for three out of the four years. This was one of my most significant roles as a leader, mostly due to the fact that it was my first leadership role ever. I became the team captain by the leadership qualities my coach saw in me, not by my skill level. I was always on time for practice; I took care of school and homework ahead of time so that my focus would only be on practice. I was not afraid to push myself and others around me harder. I believe these trends were what contributed to my coach believing in me and appointing me as team captain. I can look back on my High School wrestling career, and relate these to my leadership…show more content…
As a leader I prefer to define a task, achieve the task, and maintain effective relationships with my followers. As opposed to a manager, who only delegates and never truly establishes a friendly example amongst their followers. For example, back in my High School days I worked at a grocery store called Safeway, and my manager literally sat in her office all day and barked orders. At the time I was just a low salaried bag boy, who did not really know the workings of the store, so any time I interacted with her it always felt awkward. She instilled fear and discomfort in me; I feared her because she had my job in the palm of her hands, and I was uncomfortable with talking to her because of the little interaction between the two us. As the leader in this case I would at least find a way to motivate my followers, and certainly have that leader-follower relation. I personally believe that the way people treat others and how they carry themselves is due to their cultural background. Cultures are unique because of the subcultures within them. For example, wrestling has taught me a variety of key teachings: hard work, dedication, determination, humiliation, and perseverance. Wrestling is an individual sport, win or lose; only I can experience the emotions that flow through my head and body. Losing especially is a tough thing to swallow in the sport of wrestling; it takes a sense of pride

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