Example Of Diet Analysis Project

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Today, many people eat healthy to lose weight and to maintain their figures; however, eating healthy can also help reduce the risk of developing diseases. When I first began this diet analysis project, I believed that I ate extremely healthy. Nevertheless, I knew that I lacked physical activity. To begin the project, I used the estimated energy requirement prediction equation (EER) and the physical activity values to calculate the estimated amount of calories that I need to intake on a daily basis. I found out that I should consume about 1900 calories per day according to my age, gender, weight, height, and physical activity. Simultaneously, I used the body mass index (BMI) equation and found out that my BMI is 19.49, meaning that I am not…show more content…
With this project, I realized that I need to choose healthier snack choices because the Hershey’s bar that I consumed on day one contained a total of 235 calories. To my surprise, that small piece of chocolate had more calories (235 Cal) than half a cup of white rice (110 Cal). I could improve my diet by replacing the candy I eat for snack with fresh fruits like tangerines or small apples. According to the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDR), an individual 19 or older needs 45 to 65 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 25 to 35 percent of calories from lipids, and 10 to 35 percent of calories from protein on a daily basis. Although the graph on the food tracker showed that I surpassed my target protein intake, the amount of protein that I consumed only made up 16 percent of calories in my entire diet on the first day. This percentage isn’t bad, however, I believe that I should increase the protein intake in my diet. It is essential to eat protein because the body uses it for essential functions, such as repairing tissues. Afterwards, I realized that only 48 percent of the calories in my diet came from carbohydrates. Once again, this percentage isn’t bad, however, I do believe that I need more carbohydrates in my diet because it provides energy to the body. The percent that shocked me the…show more content…
I decided to look at my fiber intake on the third day. It was no surprise to find out that my diet lacked fiber. On the second and third day, I only obtained 14g of fiber. Essentially, I need 25 to 35g of fiber on a daily basis. I have been battling with constipation for about 11 years. To help my body with this constipation issue, I need to eat more insoluble fibers because these fibers help the food move faster through the digestive tract. Insoluble fibers consist of whole grains and vegetables, such as carrots. I need to be more aware of my fiber intake because too little fiber and constipation can lead to hemorrhoids. Also, I found out that I exceeded the amount of acceptable saturated fat by one percent. An increase in saturated fat causes a rise in the low density lipoprotein cholesterol, commonly known as bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for the body because it has a lot of functions, such as building and maintaining the cell membranes. Nevertheless, this value needs to be controlled because too much of the low density lipoprotein cholesterol can start to accumulate and narrow the heart, brain, and/or leg arteries, and eventually causes cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, my cholesterol value was below 300 on day
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