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Task 1 (P1) Animation Techniques Animation is a simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames. Cartoons on television are one example of animation. Animation on computer is one of the chief ingredients of multimedia presentations. Movement – is what makes the animation that you are creating come to life. When creating movement some of the tools that you can use are: motion tweening, key framing and stop frame. Motion Tweening is a feature that allows you easily animate the motion of an object. This allows you to define the object over a series of frames and will automatically move the object from the beginning location to the ending location. Morphing- is a technique where one image gradually transforms into another image without individual changes being obvious in the process. For example it could be the format of the image, shapes and text. When artists are designing animations that contain morphing, they choose common points between the before and after image so that these points stabilize the transition reducing any jumps or static movement that might ruin the animation. For example, morphing can be used to make a human turn into an animal or for a product to turn into a logo. Masking- is what allows you to selectively block areas of a layer. Masking can be used to hide objects under a mask, animate the mask or the object under the mask, or place multiple masks in a scene. This can accomplish effects such as illuminating spotlight or magnifying glass. Masks act as a window that reveals the area of the layers that lie beneath it. The rest of the mask layer conceals everything. A mask layer can also contain only one mask item and cannot have a mask layer inside of a button and you cann... ... middle of paper ... ...ols is that if you were to double click on the symbol you would end up editing the symbol without realising. However, if you were a regular user of flash you would know that double clicking on the symbol would do this but on the other hand, for first time users it would be difficult for them to tell. I think that flash could include a pop-up box warning the user that they are about to edit the symbol. in conclusion, i thought that it was fairly easy to use these different tools and techniques to create my animation, as once you understand how to use a certain tool it becomes a lot easier to understand. flash could be improved by adding pop up boxes and alerts to warn you of doing something that your not aware of if you're a first time user. on the other hand, flash is a good programme for creating and editing animations for the web as it is quite simple to use.

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