Example Of A Discourse Community

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Not many people know what a discourse community is but are most likely involved in at least one if not many. These communities are everywhere, for example, one could be anywhere from AA to a legal firm, a synagogue is also a type of discourse community. The community being discussed in this paper is the Beth Abraham Synagogue (BAS). The Beth Abraham Synagogue meets all the qualifications of a discourse community while also publishing texts about their history and education program which reflect the members of its congregation. The Beth Abraham Synagogue is the only conservative Jewish synagogue in Dayton, Ohio. It is a small congregation that was founded during World War II. They have weekly services and celebrations, an innovative religious school, an award winning bulletin, and even its own cemetery. The members of the congregation identify themselves as a warm and welcoming family. This community’s goals are to spread the Jewish values and the understanding of Judaism, to learn Hebrew, and spread the belief that the Torah can be a source of meaning in any person’s life. They greatly value the history of their religion, specifically the Jewish people in Israel, and the understanding that being a Jew means they are part of the “extended Jewish family.” The Beth Abraham congregation is also very interested in continuing the tradition of Conservative Judaism and welcoming new members into their family according to the homepage of their website. According to John Swales definition in his article, The Concepts of Discourse Community the Beth Abraham Synagogue is a discourse community. They exemplify all six of Swales’ defining factors of a discourse community. The first definition, “A discourse community has a bro... ... middle of paper ... ...ective to an extent but could have been organized differently and been more effective by combining some paragraphs and including titles so the reader knows what they are going to read about. The structure and organization does reflect the audience it was written for by being informative to everyone, members and non-members, who would visit this site. The Beth Abraham Synagogue in Dayton, Ohio is a fully functioning and current discourse community. BAS has common goals, intercommunication, participation and feedback, its own genres, specific lexis, and different levels of expertise within its congregation filling all the requirements of a legitimate discourse community. Its genres analyzed above, despite some ineffective organization and layout patterns, do reflect the congregation to some extent while also informing “outsiders” of their Education system and History.
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