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Nowadays, the education system develops a lot in recent years. This states more and more individuals become to pay more attention to education. The great majority families would like to support their children to achieve better education. Therefore, most of school-age population has a chance to attend university or college to achieve higher education. The rules of school tend to be very strict especially for academic honesty. In the consideration, student cheating becomes a hot topic and vital issue (Ken, 2008). The causes of student cheating relate to all aspects of daily life. Personal attitude, surroundings, and the stress from parents are three common causes that cause the cheating motive of student.
To begin with, personal attitude is direct element which causes student cheating. With a lazy attitude, some students are unwilling to study hard. They spend more than ninety percent time on eating and watching TV or movie. They just leave ten percent time to study and finish homework. Since student spends little time on studying, they unable to master the knowledge which teacher taught in the class. Because of lazy, they think anything is important than studying, and they do not care about the grade too much. Also, when challenge is coming to lazy student, their reaction is escaping not to overcome difficulties. Just passing for the exam is their standard of studying. Therefore, when they get trouble with passing the exam, they will look at other’s answer in the examination. What is more, vanity is another element which causes student cheating. A group of student wants to get a high score without hard work or effort. From their mind, low score means disability; and they will be looked down by teachers (Banchero, 2012). They get re...

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...oreover, it is important that parents have confidence in their children. With the belief of parents, children will study harder to reward their parents.
In conclusion, student cheating tends to a serious problem. In other words, student cheating is dishonesty in academic area. We should grasp the causes of student cheating so that education system can solve this vital issue. Three common causes of student cheating are personal attitude, internal and external surroundings, and complaint of parents. Students need to limit their behavior by themselves through set up long term ambition. The society and parents need to offer the best studying environment for the students. If the numbers of student cheating decrease, the quality of education system will be increased. And then, more and more talents emerge; and the talents will assist the government to develop the society.
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