Examining Printer Usage

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Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC markets itself as a paperless facility. Even so this does no preclude it from the usage of paper. Backup orders are printed to patient floors in the event the electronic record ever has downtime. This ensures patient care is not compromised due to lack of patient information. In addition to this, paper is often used for administrative tasks or patient consent forms. Due to all of these things Children’s has over 530 printers that use more than two million pages of paper per month and costs the hospital The scope of one of my projects is to examine printer usage and create a meaningful analysis. Each Xerox printing report includes every printer in the UPMC system that is serviced by Xerox. The report then breaks this down into a general location code as well as color and black and white usage. The first step to a meaningful analysis is to separate the Children’s printers from the rest of the report. This is done by a simple query that isolates machine identification prefixes for Children’s machines. The next step was to decide what analyses would be useful for the department. To determine usefulness it was necessary to understand how the hospital is billed for printing. The hospital is charged for both having a printer in the building as well a charge per page. This means that each machine has it’s own overhead costs that does not change whether 50 or 50,000 pages are printed. The final price per page is less for the printer that is doing 50,000 pages per month than the one printing 50. Due to this, one the main analyses is usage by area. The first report will determine usage by floor. After that it will be broken down to individual printers. Are 500,000 sheets o... ... middle of paper ... ...ge was quite significant in terms of cost and number of pages. In this particular situation it was found that during a system upgrade the default printing settings for all the computers on the floor changed from B&W to color. Changing it back to B&W is a quick fix, but one that can have a significant financial impact. Overall, the impact of this project has yet to be determined. The formulas and reports are in working order but until Xerox provides more monthly usage statistics it is impossible to make a dependable analyses. At this moment I believe at least 10% of printers on campus could be repurposed or eliminated creating cost saving to the organization of 5%. (Current costs not available at the moment, analysis requested from Xerox) It will also allow managers to better view usage trends to determine if closer analysis of printer usage is necessary.

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