Examine and Define the Concept of Supply Chain Integration Using Previous Literature.

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Supply chain integration is concerned with a joint and celebrative work between suppliers and buyers, department of joint product, shred information and common system. To operate an integrated supply chain involves a continuous flow of information (Lambert & Cooper 2000). In many companies, a conclusion is reached by management that optimization of flows of products cannot be done with implementation of process approach to business. According to council of supply chain management professionals (CSCMP) the definition of supply chain integration is “In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management with in and across companies.” No clear definition exists of integration (Pagell 2004). Research on supply chain integration is still going on and is recalling many issues through extreme literature reviews. Previous research on integration was often concerned to vertical integration and was focused on transaction cost analysis for make-or-buy decision, as concerned with integration (Coase 1937, Williamson 1975). Now-a-days integration concept has been broadened and defines the objective of firm to gain efficiency in operations and strategy with the help of collaboration among the firm’s internally held functions and other outside firm (Rodrigues, Stank & Lynch 2004; Stank, Keller and Closs 2001) Integration actually suggests that a firm should try to take very planned and measured steps to gain and achieve the objectives by commitment, coordination and collaborative work with any other firm’s functional areas and activities. According to the result of literature review, although a great amount of research has been done on integration, but yet there is no any specific and accepted definition of inte... ... middle of paper ... ...g the Paradox of Network Participation, The Aarhus School of Business, 9(3), 372-375. [15] L, Phillip, M, Ropert. Supply Chain Integration: challenges and good Practices. (2009). CAPS research, Institute of supply management, 0-945968-75-2 [21] P, Paigude. Collaborative supply chain solution, CX persistent systems Inc, (2005). USA, 33(20), (pp: 14-22), URL: http://www.persistentsys.com, retrieved in march 2008 [23] R, Deep. Supply chain challenges, opportunities, American Shipper association, (2005). Zaffran LLC, The McKinsey Quarterly, 1(1), (pp: 13). [25] S, Chopra, and P, Meindl. Supply Chain Management, Upper Saddle River, NJ, (2001). Prentice-Hall, Inc.(pp 33-37) [26] T, Larsen,. Challenges of integration: a European case study, American consortium on European studies, (2003). Washington, DC 2003(6)121, available http://www.american.edu/aces

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