Exages And Advantages Of ERP Systems Over Standalone Software?

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1 What problems had the YIOULA Group’s stand –alone legacy software created for the company? They could not estimate the cost for production the group, synchronous side to side its factories. They had a problem with improving their effectiveness and how it relate to its purchase and their finance in management across all its plants. So they growth and position or extended wasn’t continued into a new market areas. Without any doubt the legacy for stand-alone applications was very important to be replaced.

2. What are the advantages of ERP systems over standalone software packages? Reference ERP software is basically a business management system with various integrated comprehensive systems that can be used to manage and integrate
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The YIOULA group adopted a general ERP system that was not industry specific. What are the advantages and disadvantages of general ERP systems and industry-specific systems? General ERP systems are mostly used to handle any of your non-manufacturing activities –but they will lack important functionality needed to handle your manufacturing activities. Generic ERP systems will need specialized mapping and added customization in order for the software to do the many things an enterprise will need it to. This can make the system extremely efficient, but can cause the project to become a riskier, more expensive, and time constraining investment if requirements are not clearly defined. Some of the most common ERP modules include those for inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR. Industry Specific ERP Systems are developed with a specific end user in mind. The system is designed to be more rooted and dynamic in key areas. It will be set up to handle your processes with little or no customization. Examples of this would be an ERP software. The benefits to a system that is well equipped to handle your manufacturing processes is that it will be fast, more affordable to implement and maintain, trouble shooting will be simplified, and you will be investing money into a system that will be around for a long time that will actual serve to drive your business forward; not slow it down due to system crashes and other…show more content…
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1. reference Kerry Group Is on Your Table.The advantage of obtaining a new system from its existing ERP supplier is assured compatibility with applications the company already uses. What we needed was an intuitive sourcing system that would be completely integrated with our SAP back-office for an end –to-end procurement process, said peter Fotios, Kerry Groups director of e-procurement services.
2. Kerry Group is taking a slow and methodical approach to implementing the parts of SAP ERP Software. What does the company gain and what does it lose by taking its time in this way? reference Kerry Group Is on Your Table: So they role the plan out to Ireland and England throughout our global operation in other countries , by taking the methodical approach Kerry group could have focused on its problem-solving resources on that location, fortunately , no major issues arose. They also implementation, there time in training. Because it’s competent in house training and competent technical, professional Kerry Group hiring expert to train the group. So this completes the required set of capabilities

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