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For any writer there is times that we can 't choose the right word at times and at the last second we choose a word that seems right but it 's in the wrong context. As result, it leaves a wrong meaning to what we are writing. Well the problem is the usage of the "exact words" at the right time. The usage of the exact words helps the writer choose from a variety of words that help clarify or state the writer 's true meaning of his or her writing. Exact words comes in many different forms to help the writer from narrowing down specific words to the careful usage of figure of speech. Writers can use exact words to better state their reasoning of what they are writing. However, there are some writers that don 't know the application of exact…show more content…
Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers define it as" Dictionary meaning,words have connotations, emotional coloring that affect how reader respond to them." (171). Meaning that it 's way for writers to find alternate word choice, so the reader can reflect on them. As well as leaving the reader to emotionally attached to the text so they can relate to the writer. Exact words also have another use in writing. They can be used to narrow down prefer specific, concrete nouns to state the purpose of the writting. Hacker and Sommers write "Specific, concrete nouns express meaning more vividly than general or abstract ones."(171). This tells that the writer can use different words to convey their meaning in a more vivid notion. Lastly, exact words can be used to fix sentence to state better responses in the…show more content…
Capital Community College Foundation state that,"Redundant phrases are bad habits just waiting to take control of your writing."("Writing Concise Sentences" n.d.). Saying that redundant words can appear at any given moment when writing and changing it. For example, saying "exactly the same" exchange to "the same" this helps reduce words and specify your words clearly. Another form to use exact words is when using specified concrete nouns to show mental images in the writers work. Grammarly handbook writes that concrete nouns are, "noun which can be identified through one of the five senses."(Grammarly 2003). This represents how concrete nouns are used, but in this case we have narrow down what word to use. For example, writing " Tori Morrison 's Beloved is about slavery, among other things" we remove "among other things" with motherhood and memory to specify the meaning. Last use of exact words is in standard idioms to change some word into a more lively. Literary Devices define is as, "The term refers to a set expression or a phrase comprising two or more words."(Idioms n.d.). Meaning that it 's use to compare two or more things. An example of this is writing "comply to" into "comply with" to make it less
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