Evolving as a Society: Puritans in the New World

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The Puritans believed that when evil things happen, it is because of an act committed which deeply offended God. John Winthrop warned his fellow Puritans about this in his sermon, "A Model of Christian Charity." He points out that their main goal in sailing across the Atlantic Ocean was to become a "city upon a hill" and purify the Church of England. He condemns those making the journey for anything other than this—such as increasing their wealth or other economic gain. However, much to the disdain of Winthrop, many Puritans indeed did make the journey to New England for reasons other than religious freedom. Being a biblical witness was of utmost importance in coming to the New World for the Puritans, as was their interest in increasing their wealth.
When William Bradford wrote his book Of Plymouth Plantation, he illustrated the most important reason for the Puritan’s journey to New England: to be free to serve God without religious intolerance. Bradford showed how the Puritans saw the land as an opportunity to imitate God’s teachings and carry out their lives in being in good favor...
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