Evolutionary Algorithm and Cloud Computing

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Evolutionary Algorithm and Discussions Cloud computing provides variety of internet on demand services such as software, infrastructure and data storage. for the purpose of provision of private service to the user, there is possibility to use multi-level password creation and documentation or authentication techniques. This technology assists in creating the password in several levels of the company. So, that the strict documentation and authorization is possible. The levels of security in cloud may be more developed by multi-levels documentation. There are differences between evolutionary algorithms and traditional algorithms in the search for information and use it to guide the search. In the algorithms of conventional research be sequenced and is in transition from one point to the next. Either in evolutionary algorithms, the search process is performed in parallel from which to explore the different regions in the search space is the most important characteristic of evolutionary algorithms possibility of including prior knowledge in the area of the problem and the possibility of using traditional search algorithms to side. Despite these advantages, however, evolutionary algorithms are considered too slow. In addition to being not guarantee access to the optimal solution at a specific time; using evolutionary computing in many areas , for example but not limited to : information retrieval and data mining and bioinformatics Bio-informatics and e-Learning. Cloud computing is considered the modern technologies that rely on the Internet on demand and provide a wide range of online services: for example, software, data storage and infrastructure. This technology has been used by a huge number of users worldwide in order t... ... middle of paper ... ...ll be obtained by the probability of SSS which will be located as P (E) and to be presented as P (E) = p3 Breaching Failure in multi-levels documentation is as follow: 1-P (E) = 1- p3. For example, If the possibility of the success in any level is p=0.1 in this case the possibility of breaching in multi-levels (3 levels) documentation is 0.001 Accordingly, we deduce that by using multi-levels documentation systems, we could also develop the security file. In multi-levels techniques, each individual user will have a encumbrance to remember just one password. According to what above mentioned, we anticipate that the usage of multi-levels documentation is to provide better security as a service on demand for the purpose to access the cloud service.

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