Evolution versus Intelligent Design

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Evolution VS. Intelligent Design
There is a main difference between a theory and a fact. A theory is a logically connected group of tested propositions that are regarded as correct. It can be used as an explanation for an occurrence. A fact is something that actually exists and can be proven using factual evidence.
The theory of evolution defined by Darwin is descent with modification. What Darwin means by that is that as the descendants of a certain species spread out over vast regions of the Earth, each descendent develops numerous modifications and changes to either its appearance or its mental appearance. Those adaptations and changes help those animals thrive in the ecosystem/habitat that they live in. Without those changes, these animals cannot survive from their predators and the natural threats that they may face on a day-to-day basis.
There is evidence supporting human evolution. Charles Darwin developed the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection before fossil evidence was found. He found out that related species were found in close proximity to each other, which indicates evolution from one parent species. If there was Creation (Special), the species would have been anywhere the condition and environment was suitable. In addition, many animal fossils have been discovered that show us how evolution lead to us. Tiktaalik roseae is the name of a newly discovered lobe-finned fossil fish from the late Devonian period, which is a transitional form to amphibians. It had basic wrist bones and simple fingers, as well as the robust ribcage necessitated by existence out of water. Evolution is the only possible explanation for this that makes sense. Another example of possible evolution is the 380 million-year-old fossil of a pr...

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...could kill us. Why would an intelligent designer put a “bomb” in us?
I believe that evolution is the most accurate. To begin with, intelligent design suggests that a creator has created every one of us. I believe that to be filled with inconsistencies. To further explain, in order for a creator to have created us, a creator should have created that creator. For example, if B creates A, then A had to have created B. Subsequently, why would the “creator” have made us, as humans, with so many flaws. In other words, we have so many faults in our bodies. We have wisdom teeth, which are unnecessary. Many people have to get them removed since it harms their other teeth. Our two legs cause us to distribute all of our weight onto those two limbs. This leads to arthritis and aching joints. These are inly some of the reasons why intelligent design is hard for me to believe.
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