Evolution of gender roles

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From the moment a baby cries its way into this world and is declared a boy or girl, certain things are expected from him or her immediately. The parents buy pink dresses for the baby girl or blue bibs for the baby boy. These predispositions set for the babies will impact them later in life and they will soon find that expectations from society such as these are appropriate. Babies come into the world and they are portrayed as blue or pink; cowboy or princess; soccer or ballet; president or secretary. I have been victimized of these set predispositions multiple times before like for example when my mother asked me what I wanted to strive to become. When I told my mother I wanted a career in law enforcement she was appalled and referred to her traditional customs and said to me “Pero si eres mujer! Como vas a arrestar a los hombres?”(“But you’re a girl. How will you arrest a man?”) What my mother does that know is that times have changed and more things are accepted in society that were not a century ago. For as far as mankind has been on earth, men have taken the roles of the hunter gatherer while women have been the caretakers of the family. Physically, men are the strong and women are the weak, therefore, men took care of the hunting while women took care of the young because these roles at home applied to the strengths and weaknesses of each gender. “The masculinity helped male gender to dominate the society and made them authoritative in families.”(Prokerala 1). Ever since social life has been established, men have had this same role: Diaz 2 grow strong, learn to survive, and protect his family. And if men ever failed to do any of this or fall short of these conjectures, they become ostracized from soci... ... middle of paper ... ...rs, as women blossom from their birth nature and become independent individualists and men are suppressed with unjust stereotypes. Works Cited "Prokerala." Gender Roles in Family. N.p.. Web. 8 Apr 2014. . Reyes, Emily. "'Men are stuck' in gender roles, data suggest." Los Angeles Times 12 23 2013, n. page. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. . Christina, Greta. "5 Things Society Unfairly Expects of Men." AlterNet. N.p., 09 august 2010. Web. 11 Apr 2014. . "Rights for Women: The suffrage movement and its leaders." National Women's History Museum. N.p.. Web. 11 Apr 2014. .
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