Evolution of Natural Foods: Personal Point of View

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My topic is the health concerns associated with the evolution from hunter gathers to relying of others for supply, mainly as it pertains to meat, fruits, and vegetables, organic or inorganic. I plan on educating the reader on the evolution of “natural” food, and to ponder the question of how the quality of our food will be in the future and the health concerns. The area I will be focusing on is the Southern United States, Central and South America. In the beginning, it is understood that humans needed to survive by eating. They gathered wild vegetables, and hunted animals for meat. As there became more humans, the philosophy for trading one good for another began to lower the demand of having to hunt or gather on your own. It is hard to try and understand what life must have been like when your survival depended on supplying your own foods with nothing more than sticks and stones. However, the nutritious quality of those foods was greater than we have today, generally speaking. The benefits of eating from naturally grown plants with no pesticides; meats with no steroids or coloring; and fresh water from a natural water source, have since disappeared in nearly the entire world today. One does not have to wonder why there are so many health concerns associated with our diets. It is simple, you are what you eat in any culture. It is believed, that the first peoples in South America were from the Bering Land Bridge approximately fifteen thousand years ago. Some of the earliest documented evidence of inhabitants in South America shows the early agricultural managing of peppers, squash, and beans and corn. I am going to be focusing more on the meat side of the dietary evolution. Given the location of South America and the dense jungl... ... middle of paper ... ... each year, including the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity.” (http://www.cdc.gov/features/heartmonth/) Guess what the number one step in preventing CVD is? Dieting correctly. I am not surprised. The solution starts on the individual level. When one person can make a stand, others will follow. Education to children is also important. If you teach them while they are young, they will have a better understanding in their future. I relate this statement to the young child you showed how to make a fist with her right hand on Wednesday while peacefully demonstrating the position against the US Border Patrol agents on campus looking to recruit interested students. Teaching children the importance of culture, health, human rights especially in America with the rights anyone here has, is not limited to a specific race, culture, or gender.
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