Evolution and Intelligent Design in Schools

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The education that provides future generations with the most accurate explanation of reality in light of evidence should, naturally, be required by all curriculums. The debate between proponents of Evolution and those in favor of Intelligent Design, a component of Creationism, have battled over which model should be taught in schools across the country. There exists a myriad of sources and an evaluation of the evidence suggests that Evolution, in tandem with the available creatures that it describes, is the most fit in providing an accurate description of how the diversity of life occurred. The substantial evidence available coupled with a consensus in academia should compel all sides of the argument that the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection deserves instruction in schools; Intelligent Design, on the other hand, shows the need for rigorous reexamination because of its failure to produce convincing scientific data and religious implications in publically funded schools.
Similar to the Theory of Gravity or the Theory of Relativity, the Theory of Evolution presents itself as the best explanation concluded from all the available evidence dealing with it, namely the diversity of life. A classic example of the change over time through evolutionary processes can be seen in the transitional fossils present in the geological record of the earth. Currently, there are many such fossils, including Archaeopteryx, Velociraptor mongoliensis, Microraptor, and much more, that have reptile and bird-like features, which indicates a transition between reptile and bird-like creatures (Theobald). Even without prominent transitional fossils, a large testament to the integrity of the theory of evolution through a common ancestor remains evident...

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...ught in public schools with regards to the diversity of life.

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