Evolution and Intelligent Design Theory

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Evolution and Intelligent Design being taught in public schools is a growing controversy. Both supporters and augmenters have been clashing over different perspectives on wither intelligent design should replace evolution as part of the scientific curriculum. The controversy has lead to multiple court cases and religious dispute. The main issue when it comes to teaching this idea of science in our schools is the idea of conforming to an idea without solid evidence. Students whom are required to learn intelligent design rather than Darwin’s idea of evolution will be directly confronted on their moral and religious beliefs. In addition, students will develop a less understanding of science.
Intelligent Design is the theory that states that certain factors and living things are best explained by some higher intelligent cause, rather than an indirect cause like natural selection or evolution (Ayala, 2006, p. 72). The idea of intelligent design provokes great controversy due to the conclusion of a higher intelligent cause being related to religion. The theory claims that there is a higher intelligent cause because life is too complex to happen at random and therefore needs some greater power to explain the complexity.
Intelligent Design is not a science but rather a religious movement. This can be seen according to the main principals of what science stands for. In order for a theory/ hypothesis to be accepted as scientific virtue, the theory must be testable (Hills, 2012, p. 3). Intelligent Design is not testable and states that organisms appear abruptly however, Darwin in “An Origin of a Species” explains the commonly accepted idea of how organisms came about through the idea of evolution. According to Michael Berkman the U.S. N...

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...e to get into timid subject areas such as explaining the idea of Plato, or Christianity. In addition, teachers may not even have the educational science knowledge to teach such highly complicated theories. According to Plutzer “Teachers in all states are expected to meet certain minimum requirements for certification. But this does not mean all science teachers are equally knowledgeable about evolutionary theory or science generally” (Plutzer, 2011, p. 620). The quote further emphasizes that teaching intelligent design may be highly stressful and too advanced to be taught in public schools.
In Conclusion, intelligent design is unscientific and religiously based. The theory should not be taught in public schools because it directly confronts religious viewpoints, develops a less understanding of science, and puts an extra stress on educators to teach the subject.
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