Evolution and Creation

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Evolution vs. Creation

How was the earth created? There are several different answers to this question. One is from a religious viewpoint and stems from the Bible. Another comes from the world of science and is based on evidence that has surfaced over the last century. The theory of evolution comes into direct conflict with another theory that has been around for thousands of years, the theory of creation. The theory of evolution claims that humans have evolved over thousands of years from apes. The creation theory discredits evolution and claims that God created man. As the teaching of the theory of evolution has been accepted into most public schools, a new controversy has arisen about whether or not the theory of creation should also be taught in public schools.
The theory of evolution was first presented in 1859 by Charles Darwin and has influenced history as an alternative to the theory of creation. Evolution is simply change; it is a process that results in genetic changes in a population spread over many generations. The theory of evolution suggests that all the species that have ever existed descended from a single ancestor from the past. This theory claims that humans, through gradual continuous changes, have evolved from the ape family. These gradual continuous changes arose from the need for species to better adapt to their environment. Since mutation is a random process, the changes can either be beneficial, unfavorable, or have no use at all. This theory is largely supported by the findings of paleontology, anthropology, and genetics and involves the process of natural selection. Fossil records have been used as empirical evidence to support the theory and have concluded that Homo sapiens share “clear anatomical, genetic, and historical relationships to other primates.” This trend of evolution is never ending and continues to occur in all life forms.
The theory of creation is based on the first eleven chapters in the Bible, and is by some considered to be part of world history. This theory supports the notation that the world was created in six days and that Adam and Eve were the first humans. The theory states that the world is young, only ten thousand years old. The Bible states that man is made in the image of God, therefore God created mankind. Creationists use this to further justify that God created man, not apes. It also claims that all...

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...ce will always be questioned and doubted regardless of the empirical evidence that supports it. Mounting empirical evidence has proven through scientific means that evolution is no longer a theory, yet those who are eternal supporters of the theory of creation continue to attempt to discredit the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is an acceptable subject to be taught in public schools because it is a subject that is based on scientific discoveries, making it appropriate for science classes. The theory of creation is based on religion and religion is a subject that should not be taught in public school, but one that is the responsibilities of the parents. Because of the diversities of religion in our country, soley Christian values and theories should not be taught to children in the classroom settings.

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