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The evolution of swimming Daniel Ruiz
Swimming started in ancient times it can be dated to prehistoric times, we can know this because The Bible, The Iliad and, The Odyssey all contain information about this sport (ICNsportsweb, 2014). Egyptians also incorporated this information, in their old clay there are humans swimming the crawl style; these clays are from 4000 B.C. An old story about swimming says that it was necessary to learn how to swim because in those times people were nomads. Once there was a very powerful river that took the men to more deep waters so the man just started to move his arms and legs and survived. From there on swimming was taught to everybody in the village, swimming changed peoples life in those times; they used it to catch fish, to cross rivers and mainly to survive. Swimming expanded all over the world during the Middle Ages.
Any form of competitive swimming did not appear until the 1800s in Europe when schools accepted swimming as a natural part of life education. In the 18th and 19th century it became a competitive sport than being just a life saving skill. Swimming teams and clubs started to evolve all over the world. Although England was the first country to have an inside pool they aren’t one of the first countries of all times , China, Germany and Sweden were the first countries in swimming history. England and also invented the side stroke and after this one the freestyle evolved. Although there aren’t swimming competitions of side stroke it’s also known as a global stroke. In this essay I’m going to explain the changes of swimming for example the technology in swimming pools, the changes in bodies of the people that swam and more.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that swimming evolved from ancient times to prehistoric times. the bible, the iliad, and the odyssey contain information about swimming.
  • Explains the evolution of swimming in the 18th and 19th centuries, including the invention of the side stroke and the freestyle.
  • Explains that swimming is a very important skill not just because it can save your life but also it's the most complete sport by the movement that your body makes even your face is doing exercise.
  • Explains that exercise is the most effective prevention and treatment of depression.
  • Explains that the first olympic games started in 1896, where there were races including 100 meter and 1500 meters freestyle. in 1908, the world swimming association was created and let women compete in the olympics games.
  • Describes michael phelps as a specialist in all strokes except the backstroke. he won 8 gold medals in beijing in 2008 and was named the fina swimming of the year in 2012.
  • Explains why the united states has such a good swimming team. speedo gives usa all they need to train in water areas such as swimming caps, swimming suit and training fins.
  • Explains that myrtha is the industry that makes the pools in usa. they construct swimming pools with stainless steel to prevent corrosion.
  • Explains that the first swimming olympic costume was a one-piece suit that henry taylor wore while he won the 400-meters race in london 1908.
  • Explains that speedo made their debut in the olympics with their suits that allowed a better arm and shoulder movement.
  • Explains that the neck to ankle suit was inspired by a shark skin and had kinetic biometric texture hoping to improve the swimming time by three percent. in the 2012 olympics, the non- textile suits were banned from the pool
  • Explains that technology is better than human eyes, which is why in the first olympic games people had to time the swimmers with stop watches that were not as precise as the time pads that work with a touch.
  • Explains that goggles were introduced in the 1960s and 26th century.
  • Explains that the first goggles were inspired by a motor cycle goggle used by thomas burgess. gertrude ederle, margaret and the skin diving and scuba diving brought huge advances in under water masks, but none of these implements were suitable for competitive swimming.
  • Explains that the first competitive swimming goggles appeared in the swimming world magazine in 1968.
  • Explains that swimming isn't just a sport that should be taught in every school but it's an insurance for life.
  • Explains the importance of swimming lessons for older kids and twins.
  • Explains what happens to your body when you excercise.
  • Explains myrtha pools: its green to de flexible. london olympics 2012: the evolution of olympic swimsuits.
  • Explains that speedo and usa extend partnership until 2020.
  • States rutemiller,b.t., usa swimming ends speedousas sponsorship agreement.
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