Evolution Of Robotics

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Robotics is one of the oldest sciences in history, although it is overlooked by many people. Robotics dates back as far as 200 B.C. with the invention of the first clocks by the Greeks. Robots can help us because they can perform actions and go into places where the human cannot go. In the past hundred years we have made many advances in the field and it is predicted that by 2020 every household will have a robot to help them. One of the earliest known researchers of robotics was Greek inventor and physicist Ctesibus. Ctesibus had a big breakthrough when he created a mechanical clock that was run by water. Up until his invention the Greeks used hourglasses which had to be turned over and that was a hassle. The Greeks were fascinated with…show more content…
Jaques de Vaucanson built three robots in all. He built one that could play twelve different songs on the flute followed by his second automaton which played the flute and drums or tambourine at the same time. Although the two inventions were great his third and final automaton was the most groundbreaking one. His invention was called “the duck” was able to move, quack, flap its wings, eat and digest food. Vaucanson’s work inspired Pierre to take the automaton to the next level in 1770. Pierre and his son began making robots for the royalty of the era designing three separate machines. Each of their inventions performed a specific job one could write, another played music and the third drew pictures. Robotics was officially called a science in the twentieth century, even though it existed way before this. The word robot is first used in a play called “Rossums Universal Robots.” The inventions of the twentieth century were groundbreaking and by far the most important discoveries for robotics. The invention of a mechanical arm aided in the mass production of many different items helping to boost the economy. The Russians launch “Sputnik” the first artificial orbiting satellite marking the start of the space…show more content…
The lives of many are being saved because there are robots designed to help keep them safe. The bomb diffusing robot is one the most important tools being used by the military. The robot makes it so that people don’t have to get close to the bomb or explosion. The most infamous of all unmanned vehicles is the predator. The predator is a high-tech remote control drone though it has autonomous flying capabilities. Originally it was designed for surveillance, but now it can be outfitted with many different types of weaponry like the laser guided AGM-114 Hellfire anti-armor missiles. Mines are a problem in the field so people invented a minesweeper which can be programmed to check an entire area for
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