Evolution Of Evolution

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Chapter 9 Evolution
Question 1
a. - Fossils in the ground are often similar to the animals existing in his time, but he found some differences.
– When he went to the Galapagos Islands, he discovered tortoises, but on every island they differed slightly from each other.
b. He thought that, as time passed species were able to develop different features. He believed that they adapt into the features that were needed to survive in their current habitat.

Question 2
a. Every individual animal would have the same chance to survive and reproduce.
b. There would ben o difference in which individual did best in one generation and which in the other.
c. No individual would be better than the other.
d. Than the weaker animals would also pass their genes on to another generation.

Question 3
a. Lamarck  the prey of the birds are very fast and to be able to catch them, the birds need to fly fast as well. As they try to fly faster they produce a better physical appearance over time.
Darwin  One individual bird can fly faster than the other. The strongest will eventually survive and stronger offsprings are produced.
b. A blacksmith that is stronger or has more muscles does not always pass these genes on to his offspring.

Question 4
By observing giraffes and putting the food/trees in a lower level (bushes). Then after a few years you can see that the necks did not get shorter.

Question 5
a. III, IV
b. III  This could be tested with an experiment. But it is wrong to change the natural ecology of these islands.
IV  The islands are volcanic which could swipe away all the evidence of the animals that lived there on the island.

Question 6
They grew up in the same country around the same time. They al...

... middle of paper ... for what is correct and what is not, it is just there and it is true.
b. The most of the scientific theories can be tested by experiments over and over again. Evolution can not be tested because it has to do with the history of the world.

Question 24
a. This statement might have to do with a single species or two.
b. This does not belong to the same species because donkeys and mules are different species.
c. The identical genetic fingerprint indicates that it is about the same species. The difference in colour is logical because we also change colour as an effect of sunrays.

Question 25
a. It was difficult to accept the theory because over time cultural and religious influences made it difficult to suggest theories.
b. Now, classification is based on relationship between species.
c. This helps people to understand the world and its species on it better.
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