Evolution Controversy

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How old is the Earth? How did animals become what they are today? Were animals always the same as they are today or did they change? These were the questions scientists and religious people grappled with. Bishop James Ussher wrote the book "The Annals of the World”, published in 1650, which estimated the age of the Earth at 4,000 years but some scientists said it was older. The church believed in creationism, which stated that all animals were created at once by God and were static and unchanging. Darwin, on the other hand, believed in evolution. Evolution is the belief that all animals started as simple organisms and eventually developed into the complex beings they are today, they likewise became more diverse through the process. Darwin’s beliefs led to conflicts between him and religion. Before he even stated his views, he knew it would cause controversies. He even called himself, “the Devil’s Chaplain” . He felt as if declaring his beliefs would be akin to confessing murder and he knew his theory hurt his religious wife. After Darwin published his theory of evolution there was outrage among many, but eventually, the hype died down until 1925 when the notorious Scopes Trial, or the “Monkey Trial” as some called it, occurred. A teacher, John Scopes, was put on trial for teaching evolution. In the end, Scopes lost the trial, but the loss did not just affect him, it affects education even today. A decision made almost 90 years ago still determines the course of education now. It was not just Tennessee that won; in terms of Evolution verses religion, religion won.
It is fair to say that evolution can led to tension with religion. If one takes interprets the Bible literally like Fundamentalists do, then the two cannot be at peac...

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...system in the 1920s when states banned the teaching of evolution.

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