Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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The earliest is believed to have risen from apes. This species have been quadruples. The man originated from earliest forms. Evolution of man is mainly explained by the theory of evolution this is the evolution theory written by Charles Darwin. This theory is based on facts that early man originated from a common ancestry. Natural selection is mainly through natural selection, life on earth come from most ever primitive structures that lived million years ago and to change with time man continues to evolve to date. The early man evolved through a series of stages as to reach the modern man. The earliest forms were the Australopithecus species, dated over millions of years ago. This man walked on quadruples. He left on top of trees and used them for shelters and as secure areas from his enemies. His diet was mainly rooted from different vegetation and also ate fruits that grew naturally in the forests. He also left in the dense forests that were mainly covered with dense vegetation. The earliest man’s body was hairy all over the body. His skull was like the modern day apes thus the sk...
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