Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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In order for a species to survive, its population has to evolve. Evolution is the process of gradual change driven by natural selection to improve survival. Evolution is the explanation of how life got to its current state. Before the idea of evolution, the Bible gave the explanation of how things came to be, the Theory of Creation. Charles Darwin is credited for developing the theory of evolution. Scientist such as Georges Cuiver, James Hutton and Charles Lyell, and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck heavily influenced Darwin. It is because of Darwin’s voyage aboard the Beagle that we now have a scientific explanation of how species came to be. Canines have evolved and have been domesticated by artificial selection into our household pets. Unlike natural selection, artificial selection has a very negative effect on the domesticated dog. To understand evolution and domestication, one has to understand natural and artificial selection. Natural selection is simple yet complex process that allows species adapt to its environment. Natural selection guides evolution by “sifting out” favorable traits that increase survival for the species. Natural selection is driven by reproductive success. If a species can reproduce and its offspring survive than any traits in its genotype that assisted in its survival will be passed on from generation to generation and ensure that the species will live on. Around the time the Theory of Evolution was suggested, society was very religious and very pressed on the Theory of Creation, so the publication of Darwin’s The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection caused a lot of controversy. Darwin gave the world strong evidence that natural selection and evolution played a major role in the development of the spe... ... middle of paper ... ...ect pure breed dogs. These numerous disorder has a heavy effect on the quality of life for these animals. Kennel clubs have realized such problem and are beginning to analyze purebred inherited to determine what effective changes breeding practices can be made and how fast changes can be applied to help these dogs. One way the kennel clubs are attempting to improve the help of these dogs is allowing greater genetic variation amongst its registered dogs. It is the only way to improve the occurrence of heterozygous gene in the breeds’ gene pool. With the help of veterinarians and geneticist, there a great chance of rapid improvement of these dogs health with a few changes. These changes include revision of the standards for breeds registered in kennel clubs. Breeders also should not breed for physical traits within the traits that greatly affect the breeds’ health.

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