Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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Evolution, what is evolution? Evolution is the process by which different kinds of organisms have changed and adapted from their earlier forms. Evolution relates so closely to biology because biology is the study of life and evolution is how living organisms have adapted to the environment. My goal for this paper is to explore evolution in mammals, the basic theory of evolution, beliefs of evolution, the main contributors of evolution, evolution in humans, evolution in monkeys, things that humans lost from evolution, as well as extinctions. I became interested in this topic because it hard for me to think at one time humans had tails, or that some species of ape’s DNA is very similar to ours.
Darwin 's theory of evolution states that all life is related in one way or another. He explains this by saying that due to random gene mutations form more advanced organisms from their simplistic counterpart. This feeds into the second half of his theory. This part of the theory is natural selection, or survival of the fittest. When the random gene mutations occur they sometimes form attributes that aid the survival of the organism, and it builds from there until completely new organisms are made.
Charles Darwin is one of the main contributing scientists to the theory of evolution. Darwin developed this theory when he went on his five year voyage around the world. When he arrived at the Galapagos islands he noticed a difference between the same species of bird from island to island. The finches had different beaks for their environment. some had curved beaks while others had straight pointy beaks so. This adaptation occurred because of the type of food the finches were trying to eat. For example the ones that had beaks suited for eating c...

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...hen the last species of a plant or animal dies off due to natural causes or human interactions. It is believed “By some estimates, over 99% of the species that have ever lived have gone extinct” (Venema). When a mass extinction occurs it opens up the opportunity for a new species to thrive in an environment that nothing else could. An example of a mass extinction that occurred happened at the end of the permian. During this extinction event it is believed that thousands of years of volcanic activity raised the CO2 level so quickly that the species alive couldn 't adapt in time and resulted in a mass extinction (Venema).
Evolution has played a very important part in ours lives. without it we may still have tails, or we may not even be here today. From our primate ancestors to the several mass extinctions it is evident that evolution is and always will be important.
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