Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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In all parts of the the world both past and present, mankind searches for the answers how earth and its complex life forms came to be. Over the years there have been many theories that have surfaced, but the one most popular is the evolution theory. Evolution is taught now in science classrooms all over the world, the concepts based on charles darwin’s theory regarding evolution and natural selection. The science community has accepted evolution has how the earth came into form. however since no one present when the earth was created no one knows for sure, but there is one theory that explains how, why, and when, and that is creation. That there is a supreme force: God.
Neil A. Campbell, Phd in plant biology from the University of California, and Jane B. Reece, phD in bacteriology who is also from the University of California. They and their colleagues discuss the theory of evolution in length in their textbook Biology.
In the textbook they discuss charles Darwin, who was an english naturalist who persuade his life to studying the origins of earth and all of its complex life.Darwin is known as the father of evolution. “He journeyed to the galapagos island in the pacific ocean, on the H.M.S Beagle. Here is where he studied the adaptation of different plants and animals” (qtd in campbell et al. 441). At the conclusion of his trip he returned home and wrote his book On the Origin of species. By Mean of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured in the Struggle for Life (campbell et al. 441).
According to Campbell natural selection is the driving force behind the evolution theory. Over time natural selection can force more and more species to adapt to the environment changing as well. Evolutionist believe that all the species ...

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Evolution violates this fundamental premise as it cannot be directly observed or repeated.
Evolutionists contend that genetic variation brought about by natural selection is observable proof for evolution. However, this is a post-hoc fallacy. Such variation only proves that there is variation among species. It does not show that new genes or information was formed. No species has been observed changing into another, currently or in the fossil record. Certainly, organisms adapt through microevolution, but this does not mean that they will eventually become a separate species. Although scientists claim to find proof of evolution in both homology and the fossil record, counter evidence has surfaced, leading scientists to research irreducible complexity and its significance in the evolution debate. For this reason, evolution remains only a theory.
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