Evolution And Evolution Essay

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Presentation of the Case Study
Ideas about natural selection and evolution stem from Human Nature and Anthropology. The theory of evolution plays a very important role to anthropology as channels to facilitate understanding human origin and species change. The complexity of anthropology is based in its evolution complexity emphasis as well as how natural selection is important than survival for the fittest. In this case, anthropology emphasizes on the diversity and richness of the evolutionary process. This ideology cautions against the evolution reduction to simplistic mechanisms. Darwin had totally nothing to say about the evolution of human in the origin of species. At this particular time, Darwin preferred to characterize most of his ideologies with “descent with modification”. As time went by, he realized that using natural selection or even evolution as the right terminologies would have resulted to problems.
The idea of evolution has a close relationship and connection with progressive match. One of the most outspoken arguments against an in built an evolutional concept of natural selection is Gould’s Full House. In his examples, Gould provided fascinating ideas that were based in the bacterial age. Additionally, natural selection has appeared to be a very important tool in facilitating the mechanism of evolution. Organisms have equally been realized to alter the environmental conditions. Several ideologies have been posted by various personalities and groups which participate in the debates related to the theory of evolution. The core arguments provided in this debate focus on strategic evolutionary field. From this point of view, it is observed that human history has no basis of being explained by evolutionary mec...

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...etween what the ancestors were able to do and the modernity.
However, the structural reorganization of the community or even an individual is majorly affected by time. Therefore, it is important that there is existence of evolution which has helped people to raise their living standards. There are some of the foods that ancestors used to feed on while raw or either not well prepared but today evolution has help men know more criteria of preparation. Easy methods of food preservation are also another form of evolution that has driven human beings to a different form compared to the early man. Additionally, the kind and type of shelter that people live in today has a great effect on the skin texture that is smooth and free from hairs that were as a result of cold. All in all, evolution of the social life has the greatest effect on the direct human body and behavior.

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