Evolution And Evolution Coexist Essay

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As all people know it is the nature of human beings to disagree with each other, in cases such as evolution being able to coexist with religion, people almost always have different opinions. Evolution argues that all organisms that once lived or that are still alive on earth today share were descendent from the same common ancestor. The concept of religion and evolution is a topic that is being spoken about worldwide. People either oppose the idea of evolution and religion can coexist or they either support it. Usually, the strict religious people are the ones who oppose the idea because they believe it is against their faith. Others on the other hand, may not believe in neither but they believe that in order to be a scientist and believe in evolution, you must be an atheist. An atheist is a person who does not believe in God. Evolution and religion are seen to be incompatible by many people however; some people believe they can coexist.
There always has been a misconception between theory of evolution and religion. Science (evolution) and religion are two diverse things. In science, evidence is used to prove your result or discovery, while religion deals with beliefs that are beyond the natural world meaning things that cannot be proven. People think that the only way is to choose either religion or evolution, which is the misconception. Of course, some religious beliefs contradict science, which makes people wonder whether religion and evolution can coexist. For example, religious people believe that the earth was created in six days and that the big bang did not occur. Most religious groups have opinions that oppose the theory of evolution and other scientific findings.
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...ible, it is just a misconception that is seen throughout the world because some strictly religious people do not accept other possibilities as to how we came to be. People who do not believe in evolution are extremely close-minded and religious meaning that they do not accept other opinions and are not open to discussions. They only believe what they were told growing up and they believe that if they thought otherwise or if they are curious about the subject of evolution that they are going against their religion, which is not true. Allowing yourself to be more knowledgeable about what other people believe or what they speak about all around the world is more helpful to you as a person and makes the person become more educated, wise and it might lead you to believe in other things or it might lead you to have stronger faith for your religion that you already had.
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