Evolotion of iPad

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Evolution iPad
I like to share with you when Apple started its iPad indevers and how much they have improved. Not only has iPad’s design and technology improved with each new model, but iPad has also had great impact on the society as a whole. Many schools and business are adapting to the change of using iPads versus textbooks in schools. The iPad Tablet has really taken over the market in Tablet sales since they have but first designed. I also like to share the Apple products are still leading in Tablet sales compared to all the rest.
Apple’s iPad was first released in April 2010, within twelve months later, March 2011 the iPad 2 was released (The Apple Case Study, 2013). Then twelve months later iPad 3 arrived into the market and so on up to the current iPad 5. The Apple product development program reflects a process of constant improvement (The Apple Case Study, 2013). The new Apple product development program reflects a process of constant improvement, always having a new product coming out every twelve months with better performance each time. For Apple to be the number one in Tablet sales they have to perform at high level of quality, with better improved Tablets each time. To do this they are always updating their research to make a better iPad for its consumers.
Apple never holds back on new product sales of old established product lines (The Apple Case Study, 2013). Their own greatest problem is competing with itself, by selling more of their own Apple products, such as the iPhone having more sales then iPads (The Apple Case Study, 2013). The reason this happens is because Apple never stops developing better products. Every time Apple comes out with new model it is better in more than one category. The new iPad 5 has a...

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...ments (Venture Beat, 2013). This was not good when Apple only grew about half a percent while other tablets gain more ground on the iPad Tablet (Venture Beat, 2013).
After learning more about the Apple iPad it has proven to be the number 1 iPad in sales year after year on the market. But evidence also shows many other brand names also starting to catch up to Apples iPad. The company will have to continue to keep a high level of implementing technology into their Tablets to stay at number 1 in Tablets. It looks in the future that many of the tablets will be the same, as they keep implementing more on the market. Another interesting fact is these Tablets are phasing out the textbooks in many schools and soon be considered a device of many things. Not sure how much longer there will be anymore paperback books when it cost so much more to make then with digital books.
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