Evil Vs Evil Essay

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Evil is a part of all of us, and is often cultivated by circumstances and situations that one finds themselves in. People that are unable to empathize with others are considered evil and due to their lack of empathy, place their own needs and desires above others. They exhibit self-absorbed, selfish and narcissistic behaviors. In contrast, people who are considered good are very selfless, empathetic, compassionate, altruistic and sacrificial. This paper examines the nature of evil and how it relates to the human mind and religion. It defines evil and seeks to examine the contribution of the person and the situation to evil events. If the person or situation is at blame. The study examines the role of evil in psychology studies like Milgram’s experiment and the Stanford Prison experiment. It also compares and contrasts individual evil to collective evil. Finally, it examines collective evil in situations and systems that enable it.

Good and Evil
In trying to define evil, “The Free Dictionary” presents; that which is “morally bad or wrong; wicked”. That which
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They told her to go back home because there was a road block ahead where people who didn’t speak a certain language were being stopped and killed. She immediately turned back, but was considerably shaken by the experience. It is also one I will never forget because I nearly lost my mother.
There was an entire semester where we could not attend school. We would go to school once a week to pick up homework packets and turn in the ones we had previously worked on. There were weeks where we could not go out to eat because my city was covered in smoke and my school received bomb threats. I remember my librarian crying because her husband was in town when a bomb went off and she didn’t know if he was okay. I remember my friend joking on the tear gas that suddenly enveloped us while we tried to study algebra.
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