Evidence Analysis Of Hugh Nibley's 'Leaders And Managers'

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On this evidence analysis paper about the speech “Leaders and Managers” by Hugh Nibley to the BYU graduated class of 1984, Nibley put all his efforts to motivate the graduated class of the necessity in the world of real leaders and not just merely managers. For this purpose, Nibley started by explaining the hidden history behind the shift of leaders for managers in the world through historical evidence. Also, Nibley explained the basic division between these two characters leaders and managers using clear and consistent explanations. Moreover, the author expressed the different nature of managers and leaders in society with evidence, through examples in the earthly Christian history, societies of The Book of Mormon, and the current society. Furthermore, Nibley used some opposing views to show the mistake of having pure management skills, but also the necessity of having some managerial skills as an essential factor of leadership. Also, in the speech of “Leader and Managers” by Nibley, it was difficult to find a concrete fallacy or to assume that the author used fallacies because of the clear…show more content…
Nibley said that as Jesus Christ taught, it was necessary to have both elements balanced in the life of one. The evidence was exposed on “Lord tells the same men that they do not really take the temple seriously while the business contracts registered in the temple they take very seriously indeed” (Nibley, 1984). According to the last reference, a leader needed from great managerial skills, but not to let these abilities gobble up his objectives and his leadership. Furthermore, an evidence for the audience about a duality of both qualities was Brigham Young. Perhaps, Brigham was really skillful in the management of societies, but was humble to recognize his small wisdom compared to God and other men of

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