Everything You Wanted to Know About JS Unitrade Merchandise InCorporated Who Produces EQ Diapers

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JS Unitrade Merchandise Incorporated, the company that produces EQ Diapers, is a staunch believer of serving the needs of their consumers with competence, reliability and credibility in the form of fine, high quality products. Their reason for existence and their main aim throughout their more than twenty years in the industry has been to provide an affordable brand of diapers without compromising the quality and comfort that it brings, not only to the babies who use the product but also to the parents who spend their money on it. The company now stands at the forefront when it comes to the baby diaper market and has an annual aggregate revenue of over US $ 170 million, a far cry from the two-man operation in a home office, JS Unitrade’s foundation and humble beginning.

With their vision of further elevating the kind of lives that Filipinos live through better hygiene, they created a variety of diapers that cater to the budget of parents and to the sensitive skin of newborns and infants. (+++history of EQ)

One of the reasons why EQ Diapers is one of the top of the line brands in its particular market is because the company worked its way to get there. For decades, the company has toiled continuously for the brand to achieve its current status. It has gained the public’s trust and therefore only needs reminder advertisements to prompt the consumers to keep buying their product.
A factor that has certainly helped them attain their success is that they make their products to be accessible and affordable. This ploy is quite welcomed by their demographic of the working and lower class Filipino family. This has been very beneficial to the company since their target market most likely makes up the biggest perce...

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...is best for the baby is one of the most talked about topic.
The advantage of advertising is that it makes the product not only to be remembered but also to attract new users. Pampers, EQ and Huggies spend a lot not only in advertising their products but long-term campaigns like having a website where they give parenting tips and what’s the right kind of diapers for their baby.
As the population of the country grows, there will also be an increase in the production and need of diapers. Since it’s considered as a basic commodity, it is accessible from urban to rural areas. The product can be bought almost everywhere from supermarkets, wet market, sari-sari store and convenience stores. It can be sold in bulk or solo packs. The solo packs are usually the ones being sold at sari-sari stores because not all can afford buying in packs.

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