Everything Changes in a Child's Life with Divorce

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Many things may make a childhood less than ideal, one of the most marring things that can happen to a child is their parents deciding to get a divorce. This news can shake up any person’s life but can really scar a young child who most likely does not have the capability to comprehend what is going on and what is about to change with their life. From their family structure to emotional state to academics and everything in between, everything is about to change in their young life.

In the year 2014, two out of every five youth in America will have to deal with the reality of having divorced parents (Moutria). These numbers are staggering, what is the reason that so many peoples marriages do not last? Why aren't more people trying to save their marriage? Is divorce too easily accessible? Are people getting married for the wrong reasons? When this divorce prevails and all the court dates are done, are the parents doing everything that they can to help their child cope, or are they making this harder on the children than it has to be?

Many children disagree with their parents on the effects that the divorce had on them. A large portion of parents feel that if they are stern yet gentle about telling their children of their decision that it will not affect the children as much and that the children will be more accepting, however, the children think no matter how the situation is presented, the effects are the same. Some of the troubles that the children may encounter will be left unspoken, for the children feel that they won't be heard or for fear of punishment for showing how they truly feel. This may lead to secrets from parents, rebellion, and emotional distress. No matter how this problem is approached, the effects are s...

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...e little or no communication with their ex so the child is burdened with two households with different rules and expectations (Zinsmeister). While the parents may not agree on much, they will need to decide and implement a solid and effective parenting style and rules.

The divorce of their parents may not be the most damaging thing that can happen in a child’s life, but it will affect them for the rest of their life. The child will experience emotional shake ups, confusion of what is occurring, and hurt feelings that their parents decided not to remain married anymore. With help from their peers, the child can learn to cope and while it may not be easy, it is attainable to return the child’s life as close to normal as it can get. The negative effects of divorce will always outweigh the positive effects of their parents remaining in the struggling marriage.
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