Everyone Likes a Little Scare

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Steven King is considered one of the best horror fiction writers in America. Horror fiction is not recommended for educational usage so why include a writer known specifically for this? The editing board of the St. Martin’s Guide to Writing should reconsider including “Why We Crave Horror Movies” in the next edition. The essay should be removed due to the lack of relevance, appropriateness and to the college text book. The essay does not have a storyline or even engage positive thinking. In a general studies writing class, this form of reverse psychology is not productive in the class room environment.

This text is encouraging the spark of twisted logic and even suggest that people who watch horror movies are insane.”When we watch horror movie we are daring nightmare ” (para.2). In his essay Steven King is explaining to his audience how the specific genre of Horror appeals so greatly to movie goers due to the internal craving of violence. He speaks of humans being once beastly creatures, and civilization today still having a craving to kill.The “insanity we all hold inside of us...

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