Everyone Has The Day Before Present Time

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“Everyone has a past, but that’s just it- it’s in the past. You can learn from it, but you can’t change it.” This quote was said by Nicholas Sparks. Everyone has a past, whether it be good or bad. Our past can reflect who we were as people and who we have become. Some people are changed in better ways, but some are changed in worse ways. Your past is filled with memories and events that had huge impacts on you and that changed you dramatically as a person. People may refer to “back when” as the day before or years before present time. In my case, my “back when” refers to my early childhood years.
When remembering my early childhood years certain things come to mind. Certain things that tend to stick with you, such as familiar smells, sounds,
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I use to play soccer only on the weekends, then it progressed to a couple of days a week, and finally I’m playing the sport 24/7. I play club soccer in the winter and spring and I play high school soccer in the summer and fall. When I’m not playing soccer games, I’m training. Soccer has become definitely more competitive over the last few years. Now, I’m playing for a club team that focuses on college showcases mostly. I’m also playing for my high school soccer team and I made varsity both my freshman and sophomore year. Soccer could possibly be the gateway of attending a great college. Well, that and my grades. Soccer can be relaxing at times, but it can also be stressful. When I was younger I had no stress while playing soccer. It was a stress reliever for me. It was a time where things like school and other stressful things occurring in my life didn’t take over my mind. Now at times, I can get into a zone and not think about anything and have no stress. However, the are also times where I get so nervous and stressed out while playing soccer. The reason for this is because if you don’t play a good game you’re sitting the bench. If I’m sitting the bench then no college scouts will see me and I could potentially lose that chance of college scouts looking at me and recruiting me. Ultimately I should thank the great game of soccer because it has taught me so many life lessons that most people don’t get to experience until they are older. I have learned how to work as a team, how to overcome obstacles, and how to not quite. I’m a completely different person when I’m on the soccer field. I’ve been called silent, but deadly. Soccer is a long game that takes a lot of energy and hard work. I think that playing soccer at more competitive levels has helped me to become a well rounded student. I have to prioritize my time between school, soccer, and the other activities I’m involved
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