Everyday Use And Marriage Is A Private Affair By Chinua Achebe

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The story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker and “Marriage is a Private Affair” by Chinua Achebe deals with significant conflicts that come from two different generation. The theme for both stories are similar “Everyday Use “is about traditions that were handed down and “Marriage is a private affair talks about heritage and the ancestors passed from generation to generation. While both stories have different views of their own generation “Everyday Use” focus on cultural and” Marriage is a private affair” centers on how the people in Nigeria have lived by their ancestor's traditions. In both of the stories, the parents have a strong belief in their tradition. The Mother in “Everyday Use” is strong on the tradition and black Cultural. Dee is the…show more content…
Marriage is a private affair is about a young man name Nnemeka who is in love and plan to marry. Okeke has surprised his son with an arranged marriage but does not know his son is already in love with a girl and plans to marry her. Nene is Nnameka girlfriend, she is not a part of the tribe and she knows his father will not approve of this marriage. Nnameka is too nervous to tell his father about Nene. Nnameka finally decides to tell his father, and his father is highly upset at him and doesn't want to see him anymore. When Nnameka and Nene get married they have two sons together. Their boys were always asking about where their granddad was, So Nene comes up with a plan to write Okeke. Okeke was never around and he has wasted precious time, Okeke finally had a change of heart “–and Vague fear that he might die without making it up to them” (Page 6) He Hardly slept that night from remorse. Okeke finally comes to see the boys and he regrets he that he stayed away from his son and his family. The past generation and traditions Okeke was living in are not the same as the one Nnameka is living in. The father was a fool and stuck on old generation methods and finally, accept the changes. Both stories are based on past generations and traditions that were conflict based on changes that lead their children…show more content…
Both parents from the stories have raised their children from the past generations. Now the children are growing up in the new era of generations. These two stories are very different in the mother and father role being played by the characters. Okeke the father in “Marriage is a private affair” is not only upset with his son that he wants to marry the girl he is in love with rather the one he found for him. In contrast, “Everyday Use” Dee looks down on her mother and sister lifestyle. The mother questions the daughter‘s changes on her certain interest of heritage. Even though the stories describe two different issues at the end they both had the importance of a healthy relationship between a parent and their
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